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Great Plains Equipment Supply (GPES) furnishes Power Plant and Industrial Equipment for a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility projects (see our product and equipment line card). We have extensive experience in steam production and distribution, heat transfer and process flow control, chillers, and building control systems.

GPES can provide complete turnkey solutions from project planning through installation, including start-up, calibration and operator training. We also offer Building Commissioning. The commissioning process is a quality-oriented process for verifying and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria.

We pride ourselves on having the best staff to serve our customers whether it’s a parts issue or system/equipment application issue. Even more than being stars in their own right, they’re a group whose value is more than the sum of their parts because they share resources and work collaboratively.

At GPES we see the value of engaging a number of top-notch manufacturers and their staff to bring you an even wider variety of options and expertise. GPES works with a number of local mechanical engineering firms as well as the State Boiler Inspection Department to assist our customers with boiler, mechanical room, and facility issues and applications. At GPES, it is our people that make the difference.